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What Does 4chan Greentext Mean? Originally, 4chan's green text was intended to show a quote of somebody else's comment. The use for quoting is flexible in itself, with users using the quote system.. Green text stories on 4chan are a style of anecdotes that are usually either embarrassing or triumphant. While one could turn up one's nose at these stories as bawdy mutterings on a sordid.. Green text Stories are anecdotes written in short, concise sentences that are often shared on the image board 4chan using the site's green-text code. Green text stories differ from >Implying.. The original. official, and primary purpose is to quote text, just like in email, or on Reddit. > quoted text looks like this Some people on /v/, /b/, /r9k/, and other shitposting boards use them to write stories out.. 4chan's greentext stories are a vital subgenre of Internet folklore. Somehow, over years and years of collective, unconscious evolution, the boys and girls of 4chan established a formula for reciting tall..

4chan Greentext. 3.8K likes. Just For Fun. See more of 4chan Greentext on Facebook the-greentext-guy. Follow. Unfollow See more ideas about Text, Funny, Memes. One of the more moving greentext stories I've read. Discover the magic of the internet at Imgur, a community powered entertainment destination

funny 4chan stories For a website full of gay autistic Neo-Nazis, 4chan does produce some quality stories from time to time. IIT we post our favorite greentext stories as well.. Greentext 4chan - 4chan greentext - popular memes on the site ifunny.co. greentext 4chan - 4chan greentext LONDON — Best-selling author JK Rowling announced today that her new novel Troubled Blood will be published anonymously, written entirely in a greentext story on 4chan

4chan greentext. . I never got bullied but I remember a kid that did when I was growing up. Let' s call him Mike. pasty kid. Curly hair, ginger, were glasses. w A collection of greentexts from 4chan. A collection of greentexts from 4chan. Download Telegram. to view and join the conversation Explore @4chanGreentxts Twitter Profile and Download Videos and Photos A bot that mirrors the newest posts from /r/4chan to Twitter. | Twaku ##About greentext is a 4chan object library for navigating the 4chan API intuitively. When using greentext, it goes without saying that you need to adhere to the 4chan API rules

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4chan Greentext Stories 12 (Funniest Green Text Stories) Like the video if you enjoyed and The tale of Lola the trap, a 4Chan Greentext. Interesting story and an explanation for my semi hiatus at.. greentext. A popular device used for quotation and storytelling. This began on the *chan imageboards, where quoting Greentext became highly popular for both of these functions due to its convenience How do I match > in an element and turn it green? The functionality should be similar to 4chans greentext meaning that the i dided part up there should not turn green 4chan Pass users can bypass this verification

Read 4chan from the story Greentext by Cosmicintrovert (ya ba daba doo) with 27 reads. beta, notachad, r9k. >be me>decide to go where greentext stories started.. Greentext Stories book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Start by marking Greentext Stories: 37 short tales from 4chan as Want to Rea Welcome to Greentext Stories where you get your daily dose of Greentext Stories from 4chan. We also post X Paranormal Greentext Stories which are scary..

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  1. 4chan's Best Greentexts. Well r9k Ive noticed there have not been a lot of good greentext, so Im going to get started with one of my own that Ive been dying to type up
  2. Longest green text. image · 14,816 views. just stole this from /r/greentext
  3. 4chan greentexts. Подписаться. int_memes_and_greentexts_. 4channel's International Board

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A collection of greentexts from 4chan. Download Telegram. to view and join the conversation Of all the times I've been brought up on 4chan, I think the silliest that I know of has got to be the time their video game board got on about my digimon reviews. I know this because the archive for just this..

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  1. 4chan it's trash and I really don't want it here. Hide similar threads Similar threads with keywords - greentext, stories, 4chan
  2. 4Chan Scary Encounters - Anon finds the GoatmanSaul Vancaserkin. Scary Story Storage Vol. 4 - 4chan Greentext CompilationKekke The OP
  3. Buy '4chan greentext printer' by HangLooseDraft as a A-Line Dress, Acrylic Block, Active T-Shirt, Art Print, Canvas Print, Chiffon Top, Classic T-Shirt, Clock, Coasters, Sleeveless Top, Cotton Tote Bag..
  4. 4Chan Greentext Stories Are Wild Follow my Instagram michaelandjelloboi In this video I review Welcome to part 1 of 4chan Greentexts! Today we have an Alabama Neckbeard, or someone who..
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  6. Zizzbitz: Oi! Wut's all dis now? Blue: Huh? Oh, uh, b-boss! Well, this, uh, what was he called again? Zizzbitz: E's a Nob, Blue. And e's lyin on da floor. Blue: Right, about that. He, uh, well he tried to tell me what to do, so I... Zizzbitz: You wut? Blue: I... I krumped him good! Zizzbitz: Dat's me gal
  7. Fetches greentexts from 4chan. Contribute to ajsnyde/greentext-fetcher development by creating an account on GitHub
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(Brought to you by 4chan greentexts). Thread starter Chemistrydoc 4chan Greentext Stories 12 (Funniest Green Text Stories) Like the video if you enjoyed and Welcome to Greentext Stories where you get your daily dose of Greentext Stories from 4chan 4Chan Greentext -By me. Thread Closed. #1 (Direct Link). Posts: 3,946 Threads: 586 Joined: Mar 2016 Reputation: 24. why must you bring 4chan cancer here 4chan x greentext stories. 4Chan Scary Stories :: The Trucker Chronicles. Il y a an. Discord: discord.gg/aZNPTzB ➤Music Used: PLAN ES BAND - Intrepid Multiverse ➤Lin


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4chan is an anonymous English-language imageboard website. Created by Christopher moot Poole and launched in October 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others 4Chan Scary Encounters - The Nope Thread. It sounded fake just like every other 4chan greentext story until I googled and found another article about it... Add to Favourites. Comment. le ebin 4chan greentext storytime [WARNING: NSFW]. By PhilosipherMonkey. Watch. 1 Favourite. 4 Comments. 327 Views Find the newest 4Chan Greentext meme. On a 4chan greentext reading video. Reply to a comment about starting a band, made by the poster of the video, relevant to the story

Find and save 4Chan Greentext Memes | from Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter & More 4chan Greentext Stories - Anon uses a public bathroom. Greentext Stories 994 views3 weeks ago. 4chan Greentext Stories - Anon finds another dimension 4chan greentext. She will yes to anything you ask her to do (greentexts #400). The tale of Lola the trap, a 4Chan Greentext. Interesting story and an explanation for my semi hiatus at the end, overall.. Funny greentext stories funny videos Thanks for watching the video! Subscribe if you enjoyed!!! The tale of Lola the trap, a 4Chan Greentext 4chan Greentext Stories- The Tale of Darissa. Vor Monat. New uploads every week. Got a greentext you want me to read? link in the comments or tweet it to me @mrgreentexts Gaming.

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  1. 1 year ago. Tales From 4chan 32. Brendaniel. This is the saddest story ever (greentexts #298). Wave Titan
  2. Wish I got to see the thread on 4chan. Fetus deletus. 2 месяца назад. I know most greentexts are fake af but this one is just ridiculous. Busterdrag
  3. GreenText 1.0. GreenText from 4chan
  4. 4chan Stories: Doradus The Hamplanet. 176 592 просмотров. 4chan Scary Stories :: Innawoods Nevada. 23 485 просмотров

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4chan Greentext Stories- The Sad Realization: Sometimes when you live in America you realize that society 4chan Greentext Stories- The Hotel Incident - Ever had a bad time at a hotel like the Hilton Greentext Straight From 4chan. Global rank. - Daily visitors 4CHAN GREEN TEXT STORIES =DAILY GREEN TEXT STORIES FROM 4CHAN= Posts; Likes; Following; Ask me anything; Archive; the-greentext-guy. the-greentext-guy. 163,798 notes Apr. 4chan is a very special place, it represents a social entity unlike any other. With the cover of Based on our goal of creating the worst AI chatbot, 4chan is the perfect candidate to generate our Datasets..

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Colonizer-Chan. 1 год назад. Halloween Special :: Scary Amazon Stories. 1 год назад. 4Chan Scary Stories :: Jurdak, The Charred Man. Keque Know your lolz from your lulzsec, and your belfies from your selfies? Hannah Jane Parkinson is here to help with an almost definitive list of digital geekery GreenText Quest 4.99. A fanfic that gets retconned by the actual QM about 2/3 down the thread. Greentext Quest 5. James dances and enjoys his friend's handmade meal 4chan (с яп. Четыре листа) — Персонаж SocialMediaHumans , Сайт-форум. Основан Кристофером Пулом (moot). У Форчана круглая голова и раскрашена в четырех-листный клевер. На голове два листа,которые считаются как волосы Greentext is a work-in-progress esoteric scripting language based off of the trademark greentext format (or Meme Arrows) of the anonymous forum site 4chan. Every line in the language begins with a >. :^) = true..

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  1. LeakedBB is the ultimate social community to find the latest leaks
  2. ? greenteaneko-chan 50. ? numbered panels 311. ? bilingual 319. ? simplified chinese text 844
  3. We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide . Kanna Chan • 2 weeks ago. Smell jealousy hhmm Thank you dori123
  4. Forum Jump: Private Messages User Control Panel Who's Online Search Forum Home Forum Rules & Main Section -- Forum Rules -- Amateur Teen Videos -- Amateur Teen Pictures -- Boys Section..

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Artistic Celebritie Derpina has requested Chat4Chan to come back. Time has taken its toll on that webpage, I won't be restoring that, BUT: You are welcome on telegram! You don't need to install an app, register.. Discredit source: 4chan hoax, autistic troll, obsessed with pedophiles, conspiracy theorist, alt-right, internet sleuths, psyop to false flag for fake news suppression etc. Do not acknowledge evidence..

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Warning: Some boards on 4chan/8chan might have content of an adult or offensive nature. Please cease use of this website if it is illegal for you to view such content. Boards and posts are user-created.. Partner: Let me Google that for you! A tool for lazy people Copyright 2020 4ChanSearch.org - Search 4Chan Images - Search All 4Chan Boards

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