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Einstein Center Digital Future retweeted HIIG Berlin @hiig_berlin 3. Nov. As part of the Einstein Center to me sustainability is defined by intersectoral collaboraboration and scaling up technologies @AndreaCominola, Junior Professor for Smart Water Networks at @ECDigitalFuture and @TUBerlin. #Sustainability #DigitaleTransformation #. Welcome to the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin. This Center was founded to provide an umbrella structure to foster interdisciplinary, collaborative research; harmonize and combine the many existing graduate programs in Berlin; and improve international visibility Erwin Schrödinger (Berlin University, 1933) Albert Einstein (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut (now Max-Planck-Institut) für Physik, 1921) Walther Nernst (Berlin University, 1920) Max Planck (Berlin University, 1918) Eduard Buchner (Landwirtschaftliche Hochschule (Agricultural College), 1907) Highest subject rankings of universities in Berlin #1 Freie Universität Berlin has been one of the German universities of excellence since 2007. The university is leading in research and teaching and has many regional and international partners. Facts and Figure Max Planck and Walther Nernst travel to Zurich to win Einstein for Berlin. He is offered the membership in the Prussian Academy of Sciences as well as a professorship at the University of Berlin without the need to teach and the management of the still to be founded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics

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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Humboldt-universitetet i Berlin) er Berlins eldste universitet. Det ble grunnlagt i 1810 av den liberale prøyssiske statsmannen, utdannelsesreformatoren og lingvisten Wilhelm von Humboldt.Universitetet ga navn til den humboldtske universitetsmodellen og ble mønsterdannende for senere vestlige universiteter. . Universitetet har ofte blitt blitt beskrevet som. What are the most popular Universities in Berlin? uniRank tries to answer this question by publishing the 2020 Berlin University Ranking of 35 recognized Berlin higher-education institutions meeting the following uniRank selection criteria: . being chartered, licensed or accredited by the appropriate German higher education-related organization.

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Albert Einstein heiratet nach der Scheidung von Mileva seine Kusine Elsa, und im Februar 1920 stirbt seine Mutter bei ihm in Berlin. Einstein beginnt viel zu reisen, das internationale Interesse. We are a founding member of the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin since 2016, and we host members of the national Max Planck School of Cognition for 2018-2023. The DFG-funded Research Training Group 2386 Extrospection will be part of the school for 2018-2023

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Der 40-jährige Albert Einstein in seinem Berliner Arbeitszimmer, 1919 (AP Archiv/New York Times) Vom Ersten Weltkrieg bis zum Beginn der Naziherrschaft lebte Albert Einstein in Berlin Einstein in Berlin In the spring of 1913 two of the giants of modern science traveled to Zurich. Their mission: to offer the most prestigious position in In a book that is both biography and the most exciting form of history, here are eighteen years in the life of a man, Albert Einstein, and a city, Berlin, that were in many ways the defining years of the twentieth century Einstein Center for Neurosciences. 1,340 likes · 13 talking about this · 6 were here. The ECN was initiated to establish an umbrella structure that specifically fosters interdisciplinary,.. The Einstein Foundation Berlin is funding seven fellowships at Freie Universität Berlin together with a research project. As the Foundation announced in Berlin, commencing in January 2018, funding will be provided for four newly applied-for visiting fellowships, and the fellowships of two further researchers are to be extended Established more than 200 years ago, in 1810, the Humboldt University of Berlin is one of the most prestigious universities not only in Germany, but in Europe. It has a world class reputation in arts and humanities fields. Originally known simply as the University of Berlin, it was given its current name in 1949, and is named after both its founder, Wilhelm von Humboldt, and his brother, the.

Cafe Einstein Stammhaus, Berlin: Se 1 117 objektive anmeldelser av Cafe Einstein Stammhaus, vurdert til 4 av 5 på Tripadvisor og vurdert som nr. 270 av 7 627 restauranter i Berlin On 12 November 1913, Kaiser Wilhelm II officially approved the appointment of Albert Einstein to membership in the Prussian Academy of Sciences. The following month Einstein accepted an offer, arranged by Max Planck and Walther Nernst, to become director of the newly established Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics in Berlin Although Einstein's initial application for a doctorate at the University of Bern (he had previously been awarded a PhD by the University of Zürich in 1905) was indeed rejected as insufficient. Albert Einstein Biographical Questions and Answers on Albert Einstein. A lbert Einstein was born at Ulm, in Württemberg, Germany, on March 14, 1879. Six weeks later the family moved to Munich, where he later on began his schooling at the Luitpold Gymnasium There is currently a forged letter going round on the internet. In the alleged historical writing of 1907, the University of Bern rejects Albert Einstein's habilitation. The university archivist Niklaus Bütikofer explains which errors the forger had made and tells the true story by means of the original documents

When Berlin offered to purchase a plot of land of the Einsteins' choosing, the Einsteins found one in Caputh, a small village four miles south of Potsdam and within easy reach of Berlin. Unfortunately, nationalists objected to Einstein as a Swiss Jew, delaying and endangering the goodwill gesture FindAMasters. Search Postgraduate Masters Degrees at Charité - University Hospital Berlin, Einstein Center The Einstein Foundation has awarded the Berlin School of Economics (BSE) as Einstein Doctoral Programme. BSE's PhD program convinced the jury because of the special scope of the research questions examined and the excellent educational opportunities it offers. The prize money is 300,000 euros, spread over three years Einstein Center Chronoi yearly appoints fellows that represent a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds and qualifications. Fellows from different disciplines and academic cultures are invited to Berlin for a period up to 12 months Albert Einstein in his office at the University of Berlin, ca. 1920. Photo: Albert Einstein's 1915 masterpiece The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity is a joy to read

The Berlin suburb of Dahlem remains a pretty place, quiet, dominated by its university and the science institutes renamed after the disasters of two World Wars in honor of Max Planck. In 1914 it was less than an hour by train on a good day from the heart of Berlin, and its houses are large and comfortable, ideal for a professor and his family The frequent moves, the numerous conferences that Einstein attended, and preoccupation of Einstein with science left Mileva (Einstein's wife) feeling both neglected and lonely. When Einstein was offered a professorship at the University of Berlin in 1913, she didn't want to go. Einstein accepted the position anyway A roundup of briefs on major NIH grants and published research by Einstein and Montefiore investigators include those on blood-forming stem cells, the link between diabetes and COVID-19, dementia among African Americans, and more. A new class of 183 M.D. students arrived on campus last month to. From Zurich to Berlin (1906-1932) Einstein continued working at the patent office until 1909, when he finally found a full-time academic post at the University of Zurich

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Not only was Einstein's own youthful reading heavily focused on philosophy, more generally, and the philosophy of science, in particular (for an overview, see Einstein 1989, xxiv-xxv; see also Howard 1994b), in which respect he was not unlike other physicists of his generation, but also his university physics curriculum included a required course on The Theory of Scientific Thought. Albert Einstein var en tysk-sveitsisk-amerikansk fysiker som regnes som en av historiens største vitenskapspersoner, og som er særlig kjent for relativitetsteorien. Han mottok Nobelprisen i fysikk i 1921. Einstein flyttet til USA i 1933 på grunn av jødeforfølgelsene i Tyskland, men også på grunn av sin pasifisme. Han utviklet den spesielle relativitetsteorien (1905) og den generelle. Einstein Healthcare Network is a leading healthcare system with approximately 1,000 licensed beds and 8,500 employees serving the communities of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Pa. Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia is the largest independent academic medical center in the Philadelphia region annually training over 3,500 health professional students and 400 residents in more than 30. Einstein Center for Neurosciences. 1,369 likes · 19 talking about this · 6 were here. The ECN was initiated to establish an umbrella structure that..

Download this stock image: Albert Einstein in his office at the University of Berlin, c1920. - HWCW1R from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors 13125 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49-(0)160 96586637 Eirini.Kouskoumvekaki@mdc-berlin.de . Nina Reinecke. Einstein Center Digital Future Room 307 Wilhelmstr. 67 10117 Berlin, Germany. Phone: +49-(0)152 5670 5678 nina.reinecke@tu-berlin.d

Albert Einstein profoundly changed physics and ideas about space and time. Learn his theories, find facts and quotes from the man with an IQ of 160 Directed by Philip Martin. With David Tennant, Richard McCabe, Patrick Kennedy, Ben Uttley. Drama about the development of Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity, and Einstein's relationship with British scientist Sir Arthur Eddington, the first physicist to experimentally prove his ideas As pointed out by tohuwawohu in a comment to the question (later moved to chat), the University of Bern has publicly rebutted this as a forgery, and not even a very good one (also Internet Archive copy):. There is currently a forged letter going round on the internet. In the alleged historical writing of 1907, the University of Bern rejects Albert Einstein's habilitation Einstein's long foray into academic life began in 1908, when he was offered an apprenticeship as a privatdozent at the University of Bern. Although this was merely a teaching job and not a faculty position with a fixed salary, one had to serve in this capacity before becoming appointed to a professorship

Einstein Center for Neurosciences. 1,129 likes · 13 talking about this · 6 were here. Together with colleagues of Einstein BIH Visiting Fellow Thomas Südhof from Stanford University, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2013 and for the Soapbox Science Berlin event this between -! Research at the BCCN Berlin is international and interdisciplinary. Junior and senior scientists cooperate in a lively research atmosphere. Berlin is a great city for living with an excellent cultural live, lots of green areas for leisure, interesting and diverse people, three mayor universities and a university hospital

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  1. Albert Einstein, German-born physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity and won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. Einstein is generally considered the most influential physicist of the 20th century
  2. Einstein, being an average student, finished his studies with a diploma degree in July 1900. He then applied, without success, for assistantships at the Polytechnische Schule and other universities. Meanwhile he had abandoned the German citizenship and formally applied for the Swiss one which he was granted on February 21, 1901
  3. (5) Renn and Schulmann, Albert Einstein / Mileva Marić, The Love Letters, Princeton University Press, 1992. (6) Peter Michelmore , Einstein, Profile of the Man , Dodd, Mead & Company, 1962
  4. Joerg Fingerhut received his PhD in philosophy from Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2013) as a researcher in the Collegium Picture Act & Embodiment, a joint project of art historians and philosophers. H e was a member of the Functions of Consciousness research group at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of the Sciences and Humanities and Art & Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia.
  5. Der Hauptgang beim Einheitsmenü: Coq au Vin - Bio Poularde in Rotwein an Polenta und Wurzelgemüse, dazu der Steinsatz von Markus Schneider aus der Pfal

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Albert Einstein (geboren am 14.März 1879 in Ulm, Württemberg, Deutsches Reich; gestorben am 18. April 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, Vereinigte Staaten) war ein deutscher Physiker mit Schweizer und US-amerikanischer Staatsbürgerschaft. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten theoretischen Physiker der Wissenschaftsgeschichte und weltweit als bekanntester Wissenschaftler der Neuzeit Edited by Michel Janssen, University of Minnesota, Christoph Lehner, Max-Planck-Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Berlin. Publisher: Cambridge University Following an introduction that places Einstein's work in the context Material from the Albert Einstein Archive at the Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem, is.

The Free University of Berlin and the Charité - Medical University of Berlin offer along with further partners two courses, which can be completed as a bachelor or a master. Image Credit: kjpargeter/Freepik. Selected Maths Projects Selected Computer Science Projects. Department of Mathematics and Computer. Five universities offer doctoral programs with excellent funding opportunities and join forces with outstanding non-university research institutions to generate a unique, vibrant academic environment. This website will give you an insight into what the Berlin area has in store in all disciplines Overview. Einstein's M.D. program prepares tomorrow's physicians to excel in both the science and the art of medicine by combining the pursuit of scientific excellence with compassionate and humanistic care and the social mission to improve human health through engagement in our local, national, and global communities

Einstein, who was Jewish, was sensitized to racism by the years of Nazi-inspired threats and harassment he suffered during his tenure at the University of Berlin. Einstein was in the United States when the Nazis came to power in 1933, and, fearful that a return to Germany would place him in mortal danger, he decided to stay, accepting a position at the recently founded Institute for Advanced. Humboldt University. Humboldt University at Unter den Linden boulevard is the oldest university in Berlin. Founded on the principle of the unity of teaching and research, the Alma mater berolinensis is considered the world's first modern university Albert Einstein (/ ˈ aɪ n s t aɪ n / EYEN-styne; German: [ˈalbɛʁt ˈʔaɪnʃtaɪn] (); 14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955) was a German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics (alongside quantum mechanics).: 274 His work is also known for its influence on the philosophy of science. He is best known to the general public for.

Volume 13: The Berlin Years: Writings & Correspondence January 1922-March 1923 (English translation supplement) Short Title: Vol. 13: Writings & Letters 1922-1923 (English translation supplement) Vol. 14: Writings & Correspondence, April 1923-May 192 Albert Abraham Einstein (14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955; Hebrew: אלברט אברהם איינשטיין) the first child of the Jewish couple Hermann and Pauline Einstein, nee Koch was born in Ulm, Württemberg Germany and is often regarded as the father of modern physics. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics. His great intelligence and originality has made the word Einstein. Volume 13: The Berlin Years: Writings & Correspondence January 1922-March 1923 Short Title: Vol. 13: Writings & Letters 1922-1923 Table of Contents pages: 1 2

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10117 Berlin ***MITTWOCH IST EINSTEIN TAG*** Da wir Sie aus aktuellem Anlass nicht mit einem neuen kreativen Monatsmenü überraschen können, möchten wir Ihnen im November immer mittwochs ein Stück EINSTEIN für den Genuss zu Hause anbieten. Am 4. November können Sie von 10-18 Uhr unsere EINSTEIN Leberkäse Box für 20,00 € erwerben In 1920 a demonstration interrupted a lecture given by Einstein in Berlin. There was also growing criticism of his work by certain Germans. Einstein felt the disruptions and criticisms were occurring because he was Jewish. Einstein traveled the world lecturing and raising funds for a planned Hebrew University in Jerusalem December 7, 1913: ·Einstein accepts a position at the University of Berlin. June 1914: ·Einstein and Mileva separate, and she returns to Zurich with their sons. November 1914: ·Einstein signs a Manifesto to the Europeans advocating his pacifist and internationalist ideals Restaurants near Lebensstern - Bar im Einstein, Berlin on Tripadvisor: Find traveller reviews and candid photos of dining near Lebensstern - Bar im Einstein in Berlin, Germany

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Beispiel .htaccess, Zugriff nur aus dem TU-Berlin-Netz erlauben Order Deny,Allow Deny From All Allow From 130.149 Wie lautet der absolute Pfad zu meinem public_html Ordner Albert Einstein VOLUME 6 THE BERLIN YEARS: WRITINGS, 1914-1917 A. J. Kox, Martin J. Klein, and Robert Schulmann EDITORS József Illy and Jean Eisenstaedt CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Rita Fountain and Annette Pringle EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS ENGLISH TRANSLATION OF SELECTED TEXTS Alfred Engel, TRANSLATOR Engelbert Schucking, CONSULTANT DOC. 3 After studying at the ETH university in Zurich, Einstein worked at the patent office in Bern, during which time he produced several pioneering works in the field of physics. He was later employed at universities in Bern, Zurich, and Prague, and from 1914, in Berlin

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  1. The university was founded in Berlin in 1810, and the foundation concept of Wilhelm von Humboldt gave it the title Mother of all modern universities.This concept envisaged a Universitas litterarum which would achieve a unity of teaching and research and provide students with an all-round humanist education
  2. Professor Susan Neiman is the director of the Einstein Forum in Berlin. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, she studied philosophy at Harvard and the Free University of Berlin. Neiman was professor of philosophy at Yale University and Tel Aviv University before moving to the Einstein Forum in 2000
  3. The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein, Volume 9 The Berlin Years: Correspondence, January 1919 The present volume, set in the turbulent post-World War I period, finds Einstein awaiting news of the 1919 British eclipse expedition to test the general relativistic prediction of the deflection of starlight by the sun. Les mer. Vår pris 2295,
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Meanwhile, back in Berlin, political tensions are rising. In June, the brutal murder of his friend, Germany's foreign minister, Walther Rathenau, heavily affects Einstein who, for a while, fears for his own safety and briefly contemplates leaving Berlin and abandoning academic life altogether Einstein Unter Den Linden bevindt zich in Berlijn. Het kan niet eenvoudiger zijn om uw bezoek aan Einstein Unter Den Linden en nog veel meer Berlijn attracties te regelen: maak online een reisroute met Inspirock's Berlijn website voor het samenstellen van een reisschema Einstein became an assistant professor at the University of Zurich, his first full-time physics job. In 1911, he moved on to the German University of Prague. He continued to publish important physics papers, and was beginning to meet fellow scientists, for example, at the exclusive Solvay Conference

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  1. Einstein Forum - The Einstein Forum is offering an institutional context for intellectual innovation outside the university. Das Einstein Forum ist ein Ort der intellektuellen Innovation außerhalb des universitären Rahmens
  2. Welcome to the Albert Einstein Institute! The Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) is the largest research institute in the world specializing in general relativity and beyond. The institute is located in Potsdam and in Hannover where it closely collaborates with the Leibniz Universität Hannover
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  4. The Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem own the Literary Estate of Albert Einstein, as declared in his last will and testament. In this site you'll find information about Albert Einstein and the Albert Einstein Archives. If you are viewing this text, your browser lacks the ability to read frames
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Café Einstein Stammhaus Kurfürstenstraße 58 10785 Berlin. Telefon: +49 30 2639190. office@cafeeinstein.com. www.cafeeinstein.com www.lebens-stern.de. During one of Einstein's visits to Berlin while he was still married to Mileva, he met his cousin again. She was divorced and living with her two daughters in an apartment right above her parents. Einstein felt comfortable with Elsa in this family environment. When he moved to the University of Berlin, he continued seeing her with some frequency Einstein's deep learning APIs enable you to build AI-powered apps using Einstein Language and Einstein Vision. Sign up Docs Harness the power of image recognition to solve an array of use-cases using pre-trained classifiers or custom models

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  1. EINSTEIN came to Princeton University in 1935 and was asked what he would require for his study. he replied: A desk, some pads and a pencil, and a large wastebasket to hold all of my mistakes. ONCE Einstein sent this reply, along with a page full of diagrams, to a fifteen-year-old girl who had written for help on a homework assignment
  2. Albert Einstein attended the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich, Switzerland. He enrolled in 1896 at the age of 17 and graduated in 1901. He received a mathematics and physics teaching diploma. He received his Ph.D. from Zurich University, Switzerland, in 1905
  3. Einstein, who was Jewish, was sensitized to racism by the years of Nazi-inspired threats and harassment he suffered during his tenure at the University of Berlin. Einstein was in the United States.
  4. by Rektor, Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Berlin (Author) Philosophische Fakultät, Königliche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität (Receiver) Date: 1918-05-24 Archival Call Number: 87-65

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  1. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 for search: 'Berlin Humboldt-Universität', query time: 0.03s Some days ago I received your letter and the copy of Einsteins letter, dated 6.1.1919. by Bernhardt, Hannelore (Author) Humboldt-Universität, Berlin (Mentioned in
  2. Albert Einstein Old Grove Road Peconic, Long Island August 2nd, 1939. F.D. Roosevelt President of the United States White House Washington, D.C. Sir: Some recent work by E. Fermi and L. Szilard, which has been communicated to me in manuscript, leads me to expect that the element uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy in the immediate future
  3. Press release announcing the launching of the Digital Einstein Papers from Princeton Press. Launching today, THE DIGITAL EINSTEIN PAPERS is a publicly available website of the collected and translated papers of Albert Einstein that allows readers to explore the writings of the world's most famous scientist as never before. Princeton, NJ - December 5, 2014 - Princeton University Press, in.
  4. The Federal Trade Commission's case against Thomas Jefferson University's acquisition of Einstein Healthcare Network is now in the hands of U.S. District Judge Gerald J. Pappert, who on Monday spent more than six hours questioning FTC and Jefferson lawyers on the intricacies of antitrust law and its application to the Jefferson-Einstein deal

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is director of the Einstein Forum. Born in Atlanta, Georgia, Neiman studied philosophy at Harvard and the Free University of Berlin. She was professor of philosophy at Yale University and Tel Aviv University before coming to the Einstein Forum in 2000 About Einstein Bros. Bagels University Hospital Cleveland Einstein Bros. Bagels located at 11100 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH proudly serves gourmet bagels baked fresh in store every day and delicious egg sandwiches, signature lunch sandwiches, piping hot coffee, cookies, muffins, juices, smoothies and more Humboldt University of Berlin (German: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, abbreviated HU Berlin) is a university in the central borough of Mitte in Berlin, Germany.It was established by Frederick William III on the initiative of Wilhelm von Humboldt, Johann Gottlieb Fichte and Friedrich Ernst Daniel Schleiermacher as the University of Berlin (Universität zu Berlin) in 1809, and opened in 1810. At NYU Berlin students experience a cosmopolitan city that holds a complex and crucial place in modern European history. Youthful, artistic, and hip, Berlin has traveled a path that led from the defining cultural avant-garde of the Weimar Republic to the devastation of World War II, from a divided city symbolizing the Cold War to today's reunified and renewed capital

University Professorship (W2) as part of the Einstein Center Digital Future, in the field of Digital Engineering 4.0 2019-08-28 Technische Universität Berlin Berlin Professorship (W1) in the field of Strategic Leadership and Sustainability Management (Tenure W3 Humboldt University (Humboldt Universitat): Einstein was here - See 224 traveller reviews, 301 candid photos, and great deals for Berlin, Germany, at Tripadvisor Chinese artist Ai Weiwei will begin his teaching activities as Einstein Visiting Professor at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) in the winter semester of 2015-16. An inaugural event will take place on 1st November 2015, at 5:00 p.m Albert Einstein College of Medicine is ranked No. 40 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Research and No. 43 (tie) in Best Medical Schools: Primary Care.Schools are ranked according to their. Scope. In Berlin in the winter semester 2019/2020 there will be a programme dedicated to algebraic geometry and organised within the framework of the Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ and supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin.The semester is devoted to interactions of algebraic geometry with other fields as well as applications with a potential impact from/on algebraic geometric.

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The Einstein Center Chronoi at Freie Universität Berlin on Academia.ed Albert Einstein (14 March 1879 - 18 April 1955) was a German-born scientist. He worked on theoretical physics. He developed the theory of relativity. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for theoretical physics. His famous equation is = (E = energy, m = mass, c = speed of light).. At the beginning of his career, Einstein did not think that Newtonian mechanics was enough to. Academia.edu is a place to share and follow research Science, Berlin, as successor to Van't Hoff. Professor Einstein is able to devote himself freely to his studies at the Berlin Academy, and it was here that he succeeded in completing his work on the General Theory of Relativity (1915- 17). Professor Einstein also lectures on various special branches of physics at the University o

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Einstein Lab of Cog Neuroscience, Gender, & Health @EinsteinLabUofT. In this week's edition of Situated Neuroscience, we dive into the intricacies and philosophy of our Trans Cognition Project and why it means so much to us Albert Einstein talks about theory of relativity, graphics show equation E = MC squared (E=MC2); explains the theory of relativity.Einstein smoking pipe, readin.. The Berlin Mathematical School (BMS), is a joint graduate school of the mathematics departments of the three major Berlin universities, and is based at the Department of Mathematics at TU Berlin, being funded within the framework of the German Initiative for Excellence

Albert Einstein spent part of his life in Bern. He came to the Swiss capital in 1902 and took up a post at the federal patent office. In 1903, he and his wife, Mileva, moved into an apartment in the third floor of Kramgasse 49, in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Einstein Bros. Bagels located at 7523 S University Blvd, Centennial, CO proudly serves gourmet bagels baked fresh in store every day and delicious egg sandwiches, signature lunch sandwiches, piping hot coffee, cookies, muffins, juices, smoothies and more The Albert Einstein Center for Fundamental Physics (AEC) has been founded in 2011. Its aim is to foster high-level research and teaching in fundamental physics at the University of Bern. The main focus is on experimental and theoretical particle physics and its applications (e.g. medical physics), as well as on the related spinoff and outreach activities

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